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Nov 27, 2019

If you're looking to feel more thankful or deepen your gratitude practice, this is the episode for you. 

Did you know it's scientifically proven that expressing gratitude, especially through writing, actually rewires our brain to feel more happiness?

This is not anything new to Nancy Davis Kho, host of Midlife Mixtape...

Nov 21, 2019

What's a guy's biggest fear after turning 40? What does he think women are really going through? In this Forty Thrive Podcast episode with Rick Clemons, the guy behind the "no excuses, no fears, no apologies" movement and the host of the 40 Plus: Real Men. Real Talk Podcast, as well as the Life Uncloseted Podcast, we...

Nov 14, 2019

Starting over is nothing new for the ladies in the Forty Thrive community. New careers, new cities, new relationships and so many other big changes are taking shape. Diann Wingert is no stranger to starting over. The former therapist turned life coach recently uprooted her entire southern California life for a new...

Nov 7, 2019

From gray hair to menopause, Jackie and Dr. Suzanne Gilberg Lenz talk choices that can help you thrive in midlife and beyond. 
Plus, your common questions answered:
What exactly is peri-menopause?
How do you know menopause is about to happen?
What kinds of changes can you expect?
What kind of impact will it have on...